King Coffee provides training to you and your staff when carrying out the installation of your equipment and can also offer further subsequent training if required.

Barista training

We provide basic training at installation or we can offer further extended training if required. Whether you are new to the coffee world, setting up a new coffee shop or just want to improve your barista skills, we can offer tailored barista courses to suit your needs. People often underestimate how much goes into creating the perfect coffee and often the barista training is left right until the last minute which can be very stressful. There are different levels of training courses from basic to advanced, contact us for prices. These courses would be off-site.

On-site or at our offices in Staffordshire?

Training is essential so that you can serve your customers the best quality drinks at all times. It also ensures you understand how this is achieved and maintained and can pass this on to all your staff, thus maintaining consistency throughout at all times.

Get in touch to inquire about training for you and your staff.

  • Set up of machine
  • Set up of grinder
  • Operation of the machine & grinder
  • Optimisation of equipment
  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Barista training